St Andrew the Apostle

In the New Testament, one of the 12 Apostles. Originally a fisherman in partnership with his brother Simon Peter, he was a disciple of John the Baptist before following Jesus. Apparently crucified, he is the patron saint of Greece, Scotland and Russia.
Feast Day: 30th November
Wikipedia : St Andrew
Patron of : Ampthill, Biggleswade, Langford, Luton - St Andrew

St Barnabas

Barnabas was a 1st century Christian apostle who undertook missionary journeys initially with Paul and is credited with evangelizing Cyprus. Legend claims he died at Salamis in AD61.
Feast Day: 11th June
Wikipedia: St Barnabas
Patron of: Linslade

St Botolph

St Botolph or Botwulf of Thorney was an English Abbot who founded a monastery at Ikanhoe in Suffolk. He is a patron saint of travellers and various aspects of farming.
Feast Day: 17th June
Wikipedia : St Botolph
Patron of : Aspley Guise

St Denys

St Denys or Denis was Bishop of Paris in the 3rd century. He was martyred shortly after 250AD by the Romans. After being decapitated, he is said to have walked for six miles preaching a sermon the entire way.
Feast Day: 9th October
Wikipedia : St Denis
Patron of : Colmworth, Little Barford

St Dunstan

St Dunstan lived from 909-988 and was instrumental in reforming the English church. Variously he served as Abbot of Glastonbury, Bishop of Worcester and London, and Archbishop of Canterbury and acted as a minister of state for several English kings.
Feast Day: 19th May
Wikipedia : St Dunstan
Patron of : Bolnhurst

St Edmund the Martyr

St Edmund was king of East Anglia who died either in battle with the Vikings in 869 or at their hand after refusing to renounce his Christian beliefs.
Feast Day: 20th November
Wikipedia : St Edmund
Patron of : Blunham

St George

St George is the patron saint of England. It is likely that he was a soldier but this is not certain. He was martyred in Palestine in around 303 AD as part of the persecutions of the Roman Emperors Diocletian and Maximillian.
Feast Day: 23rd April
Wikipedia : St George

St Giles

St Giles was a hermit living in the south of France in the 7th century. Reputedly founded the Abbey and Monastry of Saint-Gilles in souther France.
Feast Day: 1st September
Wikipedia : St Giles

St Guthlac

St Guthlac was an Anglo Saxon hermit, who renounced his life as a mercenary and then dedicated his life to religious study, counselling and solitude.  He died in 714 AD and Crowland Abbey in Lincolnshire was founded in his memory by Ethelbald, King of Mercia, a few years later.
Feast Day: 11th April
Wikipedia : St Guthlac
Patron of : Astwick

St Helena

Helena of Constantine was the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, the first Christian Roman Emperor. She is also reputed to have been involved in the Finding of the True Cross.
Feast Day: 18th August
Wikipedia : St Helena
Patron of : Elstow

St James

Saint James was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ was the brother of John and is also known as James the Great or James, son of Zebedee to distinguish him from James, son of Alphaeus. One of the first Apostles to join Jesus, James was present at many of the major issues in the life of Christ. He is believed to be the first of the Apostles to be martyred. Patron saint of Spain, Guatemala and Nicaragua.
Feast Day : 25th July
Wikipedia : St James
Patron of : Biddenham, Blunham, Husborne Crawley, Pulloxhill, Silsoe

St John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist was a preacher who it is believed baptised Jesus Christ. Indeed, many scholars believe that Jesus was a disciple of John
Feast Day : June 24th
Wikipedia : St John the Baptist

St Lawrence

St Lawrence was born in Aragorn, a region of modern Spain in AD225. He was a Deacon under Bishop Xystus and took charge of the Church treasures when the Bishop was martyred. When asked to account for the treasures to the Roman Prefect, he in turn was martyred on a grid or iron.
Feast Day : August 10th
Wikipedia : St Lawrence

St Leonard

Saint Leonard was a Frankish noble who converted to Christianity in 496 and became a hermit in the forest of Limousin and founded an abbey at Noblac
Feast Day : November 6th
Wikipedia : St Leonard

St Margaret

Saint Margaret went on pilgrimages to the Holy Land with her mother and following her mother's death became a Cistercian nun at Sauve Benite near Le Puy in the Auvergne region of France. Miracles were recorded as occurring at her tomb following her death.
Feast Day : February 3rd

St Mary

Saint Mary or Saint Mary the Virgin was the mother of Jesus Christ

St Mary Magdalene

Saint Mary Magdalene was a companion to Christ who was present at both the crucifxion and resurrection and is often though of as the second most import woman in the gospels after Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Feast Day : July 22nd
Wikipedia : St Mary
Patron of : Dunton, Melchbourne, Roxton, Westoning, Whipsnade

St Michael

Saint Michael is one of the archangels and is a guardian angel who watches over all those who serve God.
Feast Day : September 29th
Wikipedia : St Michael
Patron of : Billington, Eggington, Farndish, Millbrook, Shefford, Woburn Sands

St Nicholas

Saint Nicholas was a 4th century Greek Bishop and had a reputation for secret gift-giving leading to him becoming the role model for Santa Claus.
Feast Day : December 6th
Wikipedia : St Nicholas
Patron of : Barton-le-Clay, Hockliffe, Hulcote, Swineshead, Tingrith, Wilden

St Paul

Saint Paul was born Saul of Tarsus and after the death of Christ, was responsible for much of the work in spreading the Christianity. Converted to Christianity following a vision on the road to Damascus.
Feast Day : June 29th
Wikipedia : St Paul
Patron of : Bedford - St Paul, Cranfield, Flitwick

St Peter

Saint Peter also known as Simon Peter, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ and brother to Andrew. Originally a fisherman he was part of the inner circle of Apostles and is venerated as a Saint in many religions. According to Christian tradition he was crucified by the Roman Emperor Nero in Rome. The Roman Catholic faith consider Peter to be the first Pope.
Feast Day : June 29th
Wikipedia : St Peter
Patron of : Arlesey, Battlesden, Bedford - St Peter de MertonCranfield, Dunstable, Harrold, Flitwick, Milton Bryan, Pavenham, Pertenhall, Sharnbrook, Tempsford, Thurleigh, Wrestlingworth

St Swithun

Saint Swithun was Bishop of Winchester Cathedral in the 9th century.
Feast Day : July 15th
Wikipedia : St Swithun
Patron of : Sandy

St Thomas of Canterbury

Saint Thomas of Canterbury is better known as Thomas a Becket and was the Archbishop of Canterbury murdered in the cathedral on the orders of Henry II. He was canonised by Pope Alexander III shortly after his death.
Feast Day : December 29th
Wikipedia : Thomas Becket
Patron of : Clapham